Ukiland, while being a mostly authoritarian country, there are significant amounts of both left and right wing supporters. Carhuria has a majority of right-wingers, while Ozonya has a majority of left-wingers. Ukigrad is a mix of both, which can influence the elections.

Nationalist Party of Ukiland Edit

Nationalist Party of Ukiland is a right-wing authoritarian party, with Magnus Abalezov as its leader. Nationalist party of Ukiland is a party that promotes pro-Convoy thinking and Ukiland as a whole. It has won the recent elections because of the tension between Acaland and Ukiland, with "Acalandian imperialism" being cited. This party also praises the PFH ideals of morality. It is, of course, supported by the Convoy alliance.

Ukilandian Communist Party Edit

Ukilandian Communist Party is a left-wing authoritarian party, with Aleksandr Piotrin as its leader. It promotes pro-The Socialist Alliance ways such as building factories, having a strong military, etc. It lead Ukiland after being influenced by Caspia, until its regime ending in the recent elections. It promoted the communist, Caspian-oriented traditions.

Traditionalist Party Edit

Traditionalist Party is a left-wing libertarian party, with Gadeney Pogesov leading it. It preaches the old Ukilandian "Peace must be preserved" attitude, and offers to make compromises with other rival countries, such as Acaland. It also promotes liberal values which were present in "old Ukiland", such as "equality" and the "rights of minorities". Due to their liberal politics, not many people support them. It is supported by the Guardians of Society.

Party for the Free Ukiland Edit

Party for the Free Ukiland is a right-wing libertarian party, with Osmund Anesei as its head. It promotes Ukiland distancing itself from most other nations, and managing a self-sustaining economy withing the "Convoy bubble". It also preaches less strict laws, and promotes the freedom of people, while also promoting war with rival countries, the most notable example being Acaland. It doesn't have much support from Ukilandians, due to it being a mix of nationalism with liberalism thrown in. While they have pro-Convoy politics, this party isn't supported by the Convoy due to their war-loving way of thinking.

Other Parties Edit

There are other parties, such as the monarchist party or the liberal party, but they don't have much support. Ukiland has also a law that forbids any religion-based parties (except the Istkanist party).