Martini Brotherhood (Beshalyk: Martinë Brodërhuud, Roma: Martini Malipe) was an alliance. Martini brotherhood is sometimes abbreviated MB or MM. During the rise of Convoy, it was split into two - Martyland made Cvy and the rest joined FTU.


Ethislavia (side S, joined FTU)

Slovuria (side S, joined FTU)

Mishea (side F, joined FTU)

Sashia (side F, joined CAONEN and then convoy)

Martinnas (moved out of Ukiworld before the civil war)

The Sides

Before the rise of Convoy, there were two sides - those who were in the S side supported TSA, while those who were in F side hated TSA.

Convoy original members:

Martyland, created the Convoy alliance

Romia, joined Martyland