Legend for the Ukiworld Map:


Blue squares - Water

Orange squares - Land

Grey squares - Uninhabitable land

Black squares (space) - Empty space (note - the lines are white)

Yellow squares (space) - Range of a building (satellite, turret,...)

Green squares (space) - VATROS

Light Green squares (space) - VALOS

Blue squares (space) - Space Platform

Blue squares with I - Mega Space Platform

Light Blue squares (space) - Space Turret

Light Grey squares (space) - Satellite

Light Grey squares with I (space) - Mega Satellite

Light Grey squares with II (space) - Ultra Satellite

Light Grey squares with III (space) - Global Satellite

Red squares (space) - God Rod

Light Red squares (space) - ARV station

Dark Red squares (space) - SPLASH station

Orange squares (space) - Mini Space Station

Orange squares with I (space) - Space Station

Brown squares (space) - TRV

Light Blue squares (space) - Space Telescope

Light Blue squares with I (space) - Mega Space Telescope

Dark Light Blue squares (space) - Space Lab

Pink squares (space) - UPSPG

Light Grey squares (moon) - Land (level 3)

Grey squares (moon) - Land (level 2)

Dark Grey squares (moon) - Land (level 1)

Red squares (mars) - Land (level 3)

Orange squares (mars) - Land (level 2)

Yellow squares (mars) - Land (level 3)

White squares (mars) - Ice


Blue line (On a black line) - Lake

Light blue line - Trade route

Zig-zag dark light blue line - Ship route


Red subline - Country border

Green subline - City border

Dark light blue subline - Country sea border

Pink subline - Continent border

Pink subline (moon) - Dark/Light side border


Cities and Towns

Star - Capital city

Big Castle - Wonder

Square - City

Oil rig - Industrial town

Castle - Medieval town

Small dot - Town

Two small houses (moon and mars) - Primitive colony

House under a shield (moon and mars) - Advanced colony

Two big houses (moon and mars) - Superb colony

Oil rig (moon and mars) - Primitive mine

Better oil rig (moon and mars) - Advanced mine

Best oil rig (moon and mars) - Superb mine

Big house (moon and mars) - Barracks

House with a chimney (moon and mars) - Command center

Rocket (moon and mars) - Launching site


|---| - Dock

Nubmer/small number - Number of divisions

White number/small white number (space) - Number of ARVs

Grey number/small grey number (space) - Number of DARVs

Green number/small green number (space) - Number of SPLASHes

Red number/ small red number (space) - Number of Hangman Jets