Eternal Legion is an ancient religion in Ukiworld. In-game, it gives nations one extra division during wars, but indicts a penalty in diplomacy.

History Edit

Its beginnings come from a legion of Gabordi troops who went to war with a faction who had eighty times as much soldiers as them. Because of that, Eighty is considered a weak and evil number by many Legion followers. The battle was won by Gabordi themselves, and rumors started spreading that they're actually gods instead of mortal men and women. Most of the Legionnaires died during the war, but people reported seeing them in various places. The people that were alive, started acting like gods themselves, and even the second commander, Natugu, took the crown from King Falberon himself, and ruled Gabord himself. After the (physical) death of a Legionnaire, their bodies were buried in a sacred tomb that's hidden to this very day, but one thing's for sure, and that is that the tomb is located in the city of Geronik, which is now considered a sacred city. Rumors say that the Legionnaires wake up from their "death" (which is considered deep sleep by the followers) to walk around the temple, and talk to prophets who are worthy enough to find it.

Philosophy Edit

The philosophy of Eternal Legion propagates war-like behavior and non-tolerance towards other religions. People who hail from countries that have Eternal Legion as its faith are described as savage and always angry. However, some more liberal nations ignore the "more aggressive" teachings of the religion and instead focus on its teachings of camaraderie and hard work.