The Convoy Federation is a planned country by the leaders of Convoy. Its purpose is to be the most self-sustaining country, in case if another great war breaks out or if something else happens. The legal code will adopt parts both from Ukiland and Martyland, with Romian and Alamul laws having to change a lot. During the last congress, only Ukiland and Martyland were in favor of a "Convoy federation", while Romia and Alamul were against it, with "preserving neutral attitude" being the biggest reason. For some reason, if Convoy Federation is formed early, only the two agreeing states (Ukiland and Martyland) will be a part of it.

Convoy Federation will be divided into several Federal Regions:

  • Federal Region of Beshalia (Azhel and East Martyland)
  • Federal Region of Rathekar (Rathekar and West Martyland, along with Avatine)
  • Federal Region of Ukiland (Ukigrad and Carhuria)
  • Federal Region of Osonya (Osonya and the coastline)
  • Federal Region of Berrysmore (Eastern Romia)
  • Federal Region of West Romia (West Romia, Chiyu)
  • Federal Region of Alamul (Alamataria and Mulanak)