Combat is when two attacking units battle. The victor is determined by a 6-sided die. It is one of the mechanics in Ukiworld 2.0.

Attacking unitsEdit

Attacking units, or just Units, represent a force on the battlefield. There are many unit types, mostly from events.

Divisions - currently the only stackable unit. Each division is worth 1 point. The amount of divisions are dependent on the choice of the country that produces them. Divisions have special powers, also depending on their country of origin. They are represented by a flag and a little black number.

Tanks - The advanced battlefield unit. Each tanks is worth 8 points, though industrial countries may use tanks made out of specific materials with the appropriate bonus applied.

Event units - check the page


It is determined by a 1d6. The first one to attack is the unit with higher initiative. If the two numbers are equal, both units deal damage at the same time. After every attack, initiative is rolled again.

Attacking Edit

For many units, a 1d6 is rolled (except if the unit has 1 power, in which he rolls 1d3), which determines the damage dealt. Many units require 2 damage to be destroyed, while some may take more dice power to be destroyed. Some units may also roll more dice, such as tanks, who roll 2d6.


Power is an unit of measure that measures a unit's capability of sustaining damage. Each power sustains 2 damage.

Fortification and ambush Edit

A unit may spend a turn to fortify or prepare an ambush. Fortifying gives a quarter of the base power, while an ambush gives a +3 modifier to initiative.

Stacking divisions Edit

Divisions can be stacked during combat, while only using the moving division's turn and the final stack's turn.

Attacking a city Edit

When attacking a city, the attacking unit always strikes first. The power of the city is determined by its hp, while for an attack it uses 2d6