Attacking units are used to regulate peace and conquer nations in Ukiworld.

List of attacking unitsEdit

Pre 0.4 version 1

It didn't feature any kind of attacking units.

Version 0.4

It features soldiers

They didn't regulate peace like in 1.0

You had soldier factories.

Version 0.5

It featured two types:

Land units - Tanks and others

Aerial units - Planes (Used for bombing and defending against it)

Aerial units were much more different than land units.

Aerial units had three classes:



and Balanced.

Version 0.7

There were more type of units.

Every kingdom had it's own special unit.

Hero would feature both as a spy and as an attacking unit.

King needed to promote someone from working class to a hero.

Version 0.8

It didn't feature any kind of attacking units, but it had a similar sytem called government infulence.

With government infulence you could take regions of other nations.

Version 1.0

You had soldiers.

They were both used for regulating peace and attacking.

Religious cites and wonders produced 500 soldiers, Cities 100, and towns 10.

Version 1.5

Much like 0.5, but with different units.

Different manufacturers for different units.

You could build units out of a material.

Iron and Liron > Aluminum and Mluminium > Trollore and Nexusium > Iron and Liron

Version 2.0

You have divisions.

They are very similar to soldiers.

There are also NPC attacking units in events, like pirates and zombies.