An alliance is a group of nations that help each other in many things, including politics and military, and is focused on mutual prosperity. A nation can only have one alliance. When a country enters an alliance, an MPP is made between it and all of the other members. There are different alliances in Ukiworld, each fulfilling a different purpose. That doesn't mean that if an alliance is based in a specific continent, it doesn't prevent nations from other continents joining in. Therefore, for example, several alliances with nations both in Oligrendia and Bezeriath exist.

Alliances based in Oligrendia Edit

Guardians Of Society


Free Thinkers Union

Acaland Brothers

Shadow of War

Together In Vain

Alliances based in Bezeriath Edit

Capitalist alliance of north-east nations

Murder Death Kill

World Wide Alliance


Alliances based in Mesokia Edit

Legionists of Mesokia

Alliances based in Arephisa Edit

The Faskhan Alliance

Alliances based in Culpena Edit

Traditionalist Alliance of Culpena

Former Alliances Edit

The Socialist Alliance