Acism is a religion in Ukiworld. It teaches about how Lukchan, Lupadack and their Snake rule the world. Lukchan does the main job, Lupadack protects you from devils and Snake (sometimes translated as Sazmiyur) teaches about Acism. Acism spreaded with the help of the three messiahs and Lupadack. They have 3 holy books, the main holy book being "The book of Lukchan", the second "In the eyes of an Acist" and the least important, but the most interesting is "The Collection of the teachings of Acist prophets" . People from Lukchania (a town in Acaland) speak Lukchanian. Lukchania, a sacred place, was originally called Dervania. In-game, it makes a resource on a tile worth 2 same resources, but produces 3 instead of 4 divisions. Nations who follow Acism are:

  • Acaland

Controversies Edit

Some atheist researchers, like Bill Colins, speculate that a far simpler version of Acism was originally created by rogue bandit raiders in an attempt to make Lukchanians more vulnerable and have more resources, which will greatly benefit the raiders. They also speculate that The book of Lukchan was written during the rise of Acism, where more and more tribes were converted from Dervanian paganism to Acism. Although Acism states that The book of Lukchan was not written by Lukchan himself, but by several writers, the idea of Acism being a religion of 'bandit raid victims' causes a lot of trouble and looking down upon atheists in Lukchania, but not in other Acist countries.

'The book of Lukchan' has a verse stating that the right hand is stronger than the left hand. 'The Collection of the teachings of Acist prophets' interpreted that as a fact that left-handed people are weak and fragile, and some prophets even saying that left-handed people are possessed by demons, urging the parents to throw away the child. Today, in Lukchania, there are 'left-handed orphanages' and items for left-handed people are forbidden. However, everywhere else, such as in mainland Acaland and Mogoleus, left-handed children are treated almost exactly like right-handed ones, and items for left-handed people are sold, but they are still looked down upon in Acist families.